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We are your most fanatic readers

Sharing our thoughts, sharing our knowledge

It is our fervent wish and most important goal to create a knowledge-sharing database with user-created marginalia for electronic editions. Every one of us reads a book in his/her own unique way and this is an experience we would like to see share in our community of Marginalia users.

For every complete set of marginalia a user shares with the community, he/she will receive a number of sets for eBooks in his/her library depending on the number of titles owned or the availability of new marginalia for each title.

Begin creating marginalia right now, using our selection of free .eana books available for download!

The community also has a commercial side to it! Users can sell, trade or distribute their marginalia for use by other users. They may also sell their marginalia to us and we will undertake their distribution. If a user owns the rights to an eBook annotated with Marginalia, we may even publish it!

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