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Further Applicatons I

Organise your digital content

Marginalia makes it so easy to attach any type of file it would be a waste not to use it for link storage and indexing. Open an ebook with blank pages and attach links to your favourite websites, images, videos or MS Office files (.xls/.xl, .docx/.doc, etc...). This way you will always know where to find what.

But where to find an empty ebook? Since Marginalia can read a number of formats, you may for example opt for a .docx file saved as .pdf and work with that.

Also, don't forget that with Marginalia, attachments can also contain descriptions in rich text, importance flags and the ability to create links. These attributes make it easy to retrieve your files using the smart search engine and once located, they can be opened with one click. If you take advantage of all the numerous possibilities offered by Marginalia, you can organise your digital archive much, much better!

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