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Managing books in the Library

Automated cataloguing

Irrespectively of the book's genre, its entry will be automatically duplicated under 'All eBooks' and a respective generic Category according to the format in which it is stored. In the same way, whenever a document is deleted or removed from a generic Category it will automatically be deleted or removed from any other Categories it has been added under.

If, for example, you enter a .pdf version of Wittgestein's 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus' under Philosophy, it will also be added to 'All eBooks' and 'All .swf & .pdf files'. Accordingly, if you add an .epub version of the book, it will be added to 'All eBooks' and 'All .epub files'.

Automatic retrieval of book info

Depending of the format of the source file, every time you are adding a new document to your library Marginalia will look for - and fill in - information such as author, title, publisher and ISBN. Alternatively, you can fill in the respective fields or edit the information displayed. Front covers are automatically generated, but you can replace them with your own, either using an image from your HDD or rich text.

Filling in information by hand may sound a tiresome affair, but it may prove extremely useful whenever you change your Category view to a list pane view. Then, you can easily sort the entries by author, title or publisher.

In order to take full advantage of the video presentation we have created, we suggest that you set your video player to 1080p and select full-screen view.

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