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Introduction to your Library

Getting to know the Library

There are already some pre-installed Categories but you can also create your own. Marginalia comes with sixteen Categories, four of which are generic.

There is Literature, Travel, Sports, Science, Computers, Society & Politics, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Manuals, The Children's Section, History and Education. The four generic categories are automatically updated whenever you introduce a new eBook to the Library.

One Category contains all the eBooks you ever added and there are three more categories specifically for eana, pdf &swf and epub formats.

You may create categories of your own or update existing categories changing their respective images and/or titles. You can even delete most of the pre-installed categories if you have no content for them.

In order to take full advantage of the video presentation we have created, we suggest that you set your video player to 1080p and select full-screen view.

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