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YouTube explorer

A new way of searching for YT videos online

With Marginalia, users can search and utilise its massive potential by eliminating the need to use an internet browser.The YouTube explorer is an extremely useful tool. Users can easily look for any video they like simply by typing in the appropriate keywords.

Instead of the usual, clutter-filled environment everyone associates with online searches, users are now presented with a simple list containing the most basic information – title, content and the date the video was uploaded.

As we all know, however, titles on YouTube can be misleading. This is why you can filter your search results at the click of a button – the play button! Videos are shown within the Marginalia environment so you won't have to go back and forth. Also, should you wish to check the comments left by other viewers, that is also possible. And, by introducing a User ID, you can even search for that users Favourite videos too!

Don't forget, it's easy to attach YouTube videos to your e-documents. With YouTube explorer, this can be done even faster – straight from the source as it where.

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