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Smart search engine

An indispensable tool for readers

Find notes and marginalia either by looking for keywords or by using search filters, such as type or weight. The smart search engine for notes and marginalia can either be instructed to look within a specific text or the entirety of texts in your library.

Should you choose to look for notes/annotations by keyword, the engine has been programmed to overlook upper-case/lower-case characters and minor spelling differences in order to find what you are looking for. This might prove to be especially useful for supported languages that use the extended Latin or other European alphabets.

When the results come up, look for the one you need. You may sort the results by author, title, type or importance to find what you were looking for more easily. Click on the result you like once to see its description. Click once more and the text where the note/annotation is located will open automatically AND on the right page.

In order to take full advantage of the video presentation we have created, we suggest that you set your video player to 1080p and select full-screen view.

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