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Taking Notes?

A mediaeval concept takes new meaning

Being forced by circumstances to jot down the occasional note or scribble on a printed page is sadly unavoidable.This is about to change thanks to Marginalia. Our program takes digital annotation to an entirely different level

With a carefully built balance of form and concept, Marginalia˘s handy annotation tools (or HAT) allow users to create real marginalia for their books. They can flag content by assigning relative importance to it with a pre-determined colour code. They can also move annotation icons around, update or edit their content and always remain assured that the original text file will not be changed in any way.

Every HAT has been carefully created to be as familiar as possible to the first-time user and invocative of actual stationary. At the same time, it is very different from actual stationary as every single one of our tools can be assigned the same types of attributes thus providing users with a uniform user interface.

In Marginalia, a pointer arrow, a bracket or a bookmark is not simply an symbol. It actually carries important information, such as its own rich text description, relative internet addresses and level of emphasis that make it stand out. This way, users are not lost in their own notes, as so often happens with similar e-reading applications.

In order to take full advantage of the video presentation we have created, we suggest that you set your video player to 1080p and select full-screen view.

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